About Me

I am an experienced and educated web developer who is open to learning. I am no stranger to picking up new technology and creating something with it. I am interested in human computer interaction and user interfaces. I love the creativity and visual feedback from developing front end web software.

I have done very well academically. My undergrad studies were focused on political science and business: a study of certain aspects of human behavior, especially in regards to how people behave socially, politically and in terms of trade. My graduate program was in computer science: the study of modern humanity's most defining tool.

Take a look at my resume. I always include the most up to date version of my resume.

I have taken on a variety of hobbies and interests over the years. I enjoy music, play guitar and play bass guitar. I like to write poetry. I read quite a lot about politics, philosophy, social issues and biology. I am a hiker, a birder and I try to volunteer with conservation groups. I have an interest in languages. I can speak and understand Farsi fluently. I am at an intermediate level in Spanish.


Most of my public content can be found on my GitHub but my FreeCodeCamp profile has plenty of code as well. The FreeCodeCamp examples can be run on the fly as a demonstration. There are some tutorials I have completed on CodeAcademy.


This is a volunteer, not for profit and open source project. It is a work in progress. The idea is to build an application to help sell off vacant properties in cities. It is a MEAN stack based project; which means it uses Mongodb, Express, Angular and NodeJs.


This is the largest project I have worked on. It is a citizen science project. It uses AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass and works with a seperate API backend. The general idea is to be able to coordinate citizen science work between scientists and citizens in a social networking-like environment. One can make comments, register and do much more in an asynchronous fashion. This means that it loads new information and sends information without reloading the page. It is mobile friendly and has been tested on Android. Included in pictures is a presentation slideshow for the project. The project is in a private Github repository, therefore there is a gap in my GitHub page for when I was working on it.


This is a Ruby tutorial that I and a project mate made together. He wrote the script and I wrote the front end. The website is mobile friendly.


This is an Android app that I made with two other project mates. It was written in Java and the libraries provided by Google. I took care of much of the UI design, UI implementation, localization into Spanish, the initial concept and the ideas for logos. It allows people to record notes on different animals and plants. They can make "Sightings" which record a sighting of an organism. One can also record audio and pictures in this Sighting. One can also use the app as a notes app. There's also a external links page and a tips page for survival tips. The link to the "Images" button also holds a presentation slideshow which goes into more detail.


This is a website that I made with two other project members. The idea behind it was to create a website to inform people on how to act during a medical emergency as well as to inform them of common injuries. It also uses Bootstrap and is mobile ready. The pictures include a presentation file with some background information. There is also a quizzes section to quiz guests on their knowledge.

Abstract Automatica

This project uses a Scribbler robot. I wrote this program in Python. It draws abstract shapes and makes color theory based decisions for the user. The idea was that it can draw different shapes as well as draw some more abstract patterns based on fractals. There was also the idea of playing with fractal algorithms to get more unpredictable results. I wanted to imitate more abstract art. The robot can detect its surroundings with sensors to keep itself in the area that it is working in.

Conference Website

This is my first website. The UI is a little rough around the edges as well as the structure, but it demonstrates that I can work in PHP. One can submit documents, register, etc. There is also an admin role which lets you modify the data in the SQL database. The UI menu adjusts to logins. The demo included demonstrates the login and admin capabilities as well as how the menu changes when the user logs in.